Welcome to Khabasha

Welcome to the Khabasha web-site. My name is Heather Kelsall and I am a relative newcomer to the breeding of Abyssinians although, as you will see from my cat pages, I have been showing since 2002. Until I retired from my job in London in 2005, it was not practical for me to be involved in breeding since I was commuting between London and Scotland every month.

Now that I am settled in Fife, I have developed a small breeding establishment of four breeding queens and two stud cats.

When I am not taking care of pregnant or nursing queens and their babies I shall continue to campaign my cats at shows as well as supporting the Abyssinian Cat Club in their work to popularise our beautiful breed.

If you are looking for kittens when I don’t have any, please look at my Links Page and at the breeders’ page of the ACC web-site, which both give details of other recommended breeders, the latter indicating those breeders who currently have kittens available.